Keto ‘oatmeal’ recipe – so good, you won’t even miss oatmeal! Vegan and gluten free

So one of the few things I always missed with my mornings when I first started the keto lifestyle was of all things─ oatmeal! And many keto ‘oatmeals’ just don’t get the texture quite right. It’s always soupy, or has a really odd flavor. I noticed a lot of them just basically used coconut flour, which was super icky and grainy. So I worked with a recipe I had in my head and found a good ratio of wet to dry ingredients. This recipe had just what I was craving, it fills you and feels like you are actually eating oatmeal. I have more notes at the bottom if you’d like to read them before getting started! The texture I like of my ‘oatmeal’ might not be to your liking, so make it softer if you like. 😀

This is also vegan and gluten free! Yay~