Keto Fluffy Bread Recipe Update – First attempt – Was a failure, but here’s what I learned

So last night started great, but then I forgot to add more egg to the recipe! (oh no!) Which turned my bread too crumbly and soft. It was a long process only to fail─ but, I did learn something about keto bread.

This texture I think would work for a stuffing, or cornbread but not sandwich bread!

I learned how to make a decent holiday stuffing out of it, so that is one positive note. (haha, take that, keto recipe of doom!)

So I sat down last night and started thinking on why this may have failed:

Proteins and stability. I didn’t add enough egg and also for the texture I’m looking for, it may be wise to remove the egg yolks. So, though I’ll have to make the yudane again tonight and start over, I think I may have realized my error.

Stay tuned, I’m going to perfect this and share my results as soon as I can!

Mix, mix, mix~

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