Welcome to my life – A Journey Through Keto

Over the years, I’ve had to live with the fact that I can’t eat normally and I’ve always searched for diets that would really connect with me. I have Celiac Disease, which means my food bills can go through the roof and most of what I eat is homemade.

I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life! So when combining the two diets, I found a beautiful balance between low carb for maintaining (and losing) weight and staying healthy!

Why do this?

  • I constantly have to experiment with recipes, so I thought I’d share my recipes with others and save them the trouble.
  • I love the creativity the keto diet has to offer. I want to share this passion and love for food with others.

No matter if you’re KetoCasual, or hard core into keto I hope these recipes help you learn to love baking (and food) again!

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